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I just recently discovered how to make covers, and it's a lot of fun. Since I've made two custom covers each for for two people in the last two days, I figured I should start a book to show what I've made so far, and to see if I can help make covers for others. Please let me know if you're interested in a cover. I will need: Title Author Slogan/Saying - optional Description of what you want the cover to look like, or if you already have an image/graphic/link to what you want, that'd be helpful too. For Premades: Any cover that I made that is not being used is up for grabs. I can change the title, author, and even add a subtitle or saying. For customer cover or premade cover: For payment, please follow me as well as check out my books (comments and votes are very much appreciated). A dedication in one of the chapters of that book is also appreciated. I will be dedicating the chapter of your cover to you. Thanks!

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by sweetliberty79