Fairy Tail: The Lum...
By Cryptic_Eyes
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As Lucy appears in the guild one day, she seems as normal and happy as everyone knows and loves; the girl Natsu and the others have known for a long time. But when someone attacks the Fairy Tail guild, claiming to want the Junsuina, the heroes of Fairy Tail face the ultimate threat; not just against their guild, but the whole world. The horrendous being of blood and destruction Daronyt is being called back from the depths of the oldest magic by a darksome guild called Darkauroral. As Natsu, Lucy, and the others all go out on an adventure to uncover the secrets to stop this eternal destruction, they go through ruins in the middle of the forest, all the way to underground tunnels with traps and decoys. All just to find the clues to one thing: how to stop The Resurrection of Daronyt. As they venture through this journey, Lucy is seen as a threat to the resurrection event and is targeted, even getting severely wounded at a point in time. To understand why, Lucy goes off on her own to find out the true meaning of Celestial Spirits and Spirit Mages; coming to an undeniable truth that changes everything. "Light and Dark are connected; they may seem different, but they are one in the same by truth itself. Light cannot be Light without a darkness to illuminate, and Darkness cannot exist without the diminishing of Light. No matter how you look at it, Light and Dark will always be on opposite sides of the same coin." Join Lucy and her friends as they work against the clock to stop the ancient resurrection, using their heart and soul to save the ones they love. Will they make it in time? Will the reality of Light and Dark be uncovered as a savior or as a threat to life on earth? Find out in Fairy Tail: The Luminous Star of Caballeen! (A NaLu fanfiction)

Chapter 1: Success!

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Fairy Tai...
by Cryptic_Eyes