Dark Angel (BoyXBoy)
By CrownClown14
  • Fantasy
  • angel
  • boy
  • boyxboy
  • ciaran
  • dark
  • fallen
  • gay
  • half-breed
  • high
  • hope
  • misfit
  • outcast
  • school
  • struggle
  • supernatural
  • vampires
  • werewolf
  • werewolves
  • yaoi


Ciaran Rosary is an immortal angel, he's been living on earth for centuries undetected until now. What happens when the popular posse in his new school finds his house, and what happens when they have a secret of their own? Alan is an outcast of his pack because he is only half werewolf. His best friend Conan and his father are his world...but when feeling grow for his best friend will he act on them? Conan has always been lonely, being a freak because of his species. He is dealing with new choices he had never had before and feelings he doesn't understand. He hopes to escape the hold of the pack and hopefully with a certain tall whitette. The town of Ranes is overflowing with drama-filled hormonal adolesents...it only makes it worse that some are of the supernatural variety. Prepare for a confused rollercoaster of darkness and sexual tension.

On Angel's Wings

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Dark Ange...
by CrownClown14