Charged Up For Love...
By sweetliberty79
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Kristal, better known as Kris, is a poor college student that was searching for a good vehicle to be her first car. She did a lot of research. She learned about EVs - electric vehicles, and falls in love with them. Not only was she going green, but she was saving lots of green too. As she goes out looking for places to charge up her Nissan Leaf that she names Fern (which is her new EV), she meets two totally different guys. First she meets adorable Eric. He's a sweet blonde with emerald green eyes, and has all of the charm of the boy next door. They meet while he's charging up his Chevy Spark. Then there is tall, dark, mysterious, and handsome Xander, who she meets while he's charging up his Tesla. He seems like the typical bad boy, but maybe he's something more. Kris was just looking to charge up her Leaf, but she finds so much more at the charging station. Adventures are made, friendships are born, and laughter is shared. Sparks are flying when she meets Eric and Xander. Which man will steal her heart? Who would have guessed that she'd find herself charged up for love? ******* Romance + Electric Vehicles = This Story I own an EV in real life, a Nissan Leaf. When I go to charge up my EV, people are always coming up to me, curious with many questions. I hope to answer them in this book. If you still have more questions, don't be shy - please feel free to ask away in the comments section and I'll try my best to answer them! I will also have some other EV owners reading this story and hopefully helping answer your questions too! I love romance, and I love EVs, so if they got together, things got naughty, and they had a baby, well here's the result! I hope you enjoy my book and maybe this will kick off a new genre - EV romances!

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Charged U...
by sweetliberty79