Be Mine {KilluaXRea...
By ThePricklyCactus
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You are a young girl who usually doesn't have a care in the world. You now in a apartment by yourself in a small town by the coast. You grew bored of your life because nothing really happened. Then one day you meet a silver haired boy who could be the cure to your boredom. He was traveling with his sister and his friends. You decided to travel with him and his friends but you begin develop feelings for him. ♪─────O(≧∇≦)〇──────♪ Ok so this is my first fanfic ever Please tell me what you think Good or bad Tell me Hope you enjoy The story takes place a few years after the anime has ended. You and Killua are both around the age of seventeen. I'll try to make whatever you look like up to the reader. Hope you enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------ I do not own: • hunterxhunter •the plot •or any if the characters This is a fan fiction and therefore my own fantasy world in words The sequel- I'm Yours

#1. Boredom and Encounters

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Be Mine {...
by ThePricklyCactus