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*Previously Betrothed To A Vampire Prince* Isabella Sienna Valencia, called Sienna, is hands down the most beautiful woman to walk the face of the earth but she doesn't know it. She's humble. Kind. Sweet. Sophisticated and Regal, something her mother beat into her at a very young age. On her 18th birthday she finds out that her mother isn't even actually her mother and that instead of being free of the wretched woman, she finds out she has been betrothed to a man since she was but an infant. A Prince. But not just any prince. A Pureblood Vampire prince. One who is set to be King once he is married, which will make Sienna Queen. He's not the nicest person in the world at all but something about Sienna intrigues him. problem .. He hates humans. They are only good for blood in his eyes. If only he knew how special she really is.. Will Sebastian be able to love the woman he is destined to be mated to? Or will he be stuck in his old ways? They have a lot more than just marriage to worry about when others find out how special she is. Will he protect her? Will he love her? What is she?

➸ 1. Betrothed

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by Wowchilee