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#1 in DC category-You guys! We won first in a DC story contest! "I wish I could tell you that you could always count on me," I said in a hushed voice, "but because I've been trained by a thief, tortured by the Joker, and seem to have a knack for letting people down... I can't tell you to trust me." I looked around the room, all eyes were on me. "But, I can ask you. Will you trust me to continue being on your team?" Praise for Sanity, left by Readers like you! Thank you! 1) "Homie, your story is lit af! I'm not just saying that! Seriously, like you're such an awesome writer, and continue the plot so well and keep all the characters canon to their personalities and you can really feel them come alive! And you get sucked in bc it feels like you're reading a script and a storyline from a YJ movie or something!" 2) "This is Funnily Creepy and I love it!" 3) "I ADORE THIS GIRL" (About Isabella) 4) "This is so good!" 5) "I think this fanfic is amazing!" Please be kind to all the writers here on wattpad, and if you think they have talent? Let them know. Being an author takes so much time and commitment, and to have your work bashed is cruel, so be nice. Treat the authors and fellow readers with respect please! {the first chapters and beyond are being edited as of March 2017}

•Chapter 1: Arkham Asylum•

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