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By sweetliberty79
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Shy Kandace, better known as Kandi, is a never-been-kissed girl that likes to lose herself in a good book, but it looks like things are about to change. On Kandi's 18th birthday, she receives a very big surprise. She learns that her family has the Cupid Curse - or at least the ladies do, starting when they turn eighteen. They have to kiss guys in order to match them up. The catch is that when she finds her true love, once she kisses him, he will forget her, and she will have to earn his love to break the curse. How many frogs will she have to kiss before she finds her prince? When she does find him, how in the world can she get him to fall for her? All she knows about romance is from the novels that she's read, but now it looks like she's going to have to put her books down, step into the real world, & pucker up! ***** When my older brother, Karter, use to go to school here, everyone knew him. He was so outgoing. I'm the opposite. I use to be invisible, but now everyone notices me. People who didn't even know I was alive yesterday are being friendly. Actually, the guys have been a little too friendly. I reflect on how I've had my first kiss stolen from me this morning by our school's bad boy, Dexter, who's the poster child of tall, dark, and handsome. The amount of kisses I've been getting today seems to be making up for the 18 years that I've gone without them. Who would have thought that kissing could get so exhausting? I sure didn't since I've never been kissed until today. When I walk by a group of guys made up by most of our football team, their heads turn in my direction and they yell out "Kiss me, Cupid!" as I let out a groan. Why me? Eric approaches me. He's the captain of the football team. He has the female population swooning over him between his muscular build and bright blue eyes. He wraps his strong arms around me (ever heard of personal space, buddy?) to try to get a kiss. I just let out a sigh and know that today is going to be a very long day.

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Kiss Me C...
by sweetliberty79