My Seductive Boss [...
By YGDara
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Boring and perfectionist Mitch Toledo asks help from her hotshot boss, Dylan Ford, to teach her how to flirt and seduce men so she can finally have a boyfriend--but things get a little out of hand when they're forced to marry each other. *** Boring and perfectionist Mitch Toledo sucks at flirting, dating, the art of romance and seduction--so who does she ask for help? Her then childhood friend now seductive and playboy boss, Dylan Ford. What started out as innocent lessons becomes an undeniable sexual tension both of them couldn't ignore. But sex was just that--sex, and marriage was never part of their agreement, especially when Dylan had no plans of settling down. Tied to each other for life, will Mitch get what she's wanted for so long--love and a family, or will her marriage with Dylan remain just a sheet of paper? DISCLAIMER: This story is written in Taglish. COVER DESIGN: Regina Dionela

My Seductive Boss

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My Seduct...
by YGDara