Beyond the Iron Gat...
By lumtrexa
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Hearing strange voices in her head, Elaine begins to question her sanity. It does not help either that she and her stepmom don't exactly get along. So when a strange boy her age named Lorcan tells her about faeries and takes her away to meet his kind, she thinks she may not be crazy after all. In the faery realm waits Elaine's destiny, a destiny entwined with love, deceit and betrayal by those closest to her. Lorcan is the first faery Elaine meets and they don't exactly meet on good terms. Suffice it to say, Elaine will quickly find there are more cunning creatures beyond the human realm and faery realm alike. For in a dark world between the human and faery realm, a greater evil lurks. An evil that has managed to escape Hell, waiting for her to stumble across his path and no amount of magic can stop him from finding her. When Lorcan finds out Elaine could be his destined mate, he may not have her completely convinced. Especially when she finds she may not be the only one he claims to love. In a world full of faeries, pixies and demons, Elaine will have to discover for herself who to forgive and even more so, who to trust. Book 1 in the series. Cover made by astrxphoria.

Chapter 1-Memories of Mother

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Beyond th...
by lumtrexa