Beyond the Iron Gat...
By lumtrexa
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|SERIES ONGOING EDITING| Faeries and demons don't mix very well. Elaine thinks her destiny waits in the faery realm, but she couldn't be further from the truth. After all, she'll have to go through literal hell to get there and back. Lorcan is the first faery Elaine meets and they don't exactly meet on good terms. Suffice it to say, Elaine will quickly find there are more cunning creatures beyond the human realm and faery realm. After meeting a demon in the faery realm, the greatest mystery is no longer who is her mate; especially when this demon, Colt, may know who her brother is. Elaine doesn't know why she was left behind to live with humans or why her parents are lying about this missing brother of hers. The answers wait between the depths in a land of pumpkin and shadow, but she has a long way to go. Traveling with a grown faery man and demon will prove no easy feat either. The annoying voice in her head isn't exactly offering any comfort. In fact, quite the opposite. SNEAK PEEK: "Come to me," the voice spoke in her head. Elaine bristled at the sound for it was the first time she heard it in the hours of the day. She jumped from her bed looking around her small room wildly for the source as she did every time the voice reached her. She had no idea where it could be though and she knew it would not belong to some far away potential lover like the young adult romance novels in her small bookshelf alluded to. She frowned at the thought and spoke with scorn, "Who are you? What do you want?" However, just like all the other times, the voice would leave her questions unanswered only to speak again weeks, or sometimes, months later. Elaine squinted her eyes as she peered out into the backyard of her home. The giant pines were still, but a sudden wind picked up and shook them. Her heart caught in her throat seeing something red standing between two trees in the distance... Book 1 in the series. (ENTIRE SERIES ONGOING EDITING) Cover by @maythemayday.

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Beyond th...
by lumtrexa