Wild Rides - A Bald...
By BindingTies
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She kept herself safely buried in books; her life's dream was marriage and a Master's in trichology, until one night she was stranded by a deadbeat boyfriend. With no money and no alternatives, she decided to hitchhike home. He traveled the country, conquering the roads one by one. He was free as the wild winds and thought nothing could hold him still for even a day until she crawled wet and cold into his 18 wheeler's cab. She believed that pleasure was for others until she met him. He vowed to never stop until he took her all the way...home. The arrangement was simple - he would driver her to Quaintville, Idaho and back to the life she knew. She would pay him however she could when they arrived. But the simplest arrangements have a way of careening off the road when passion blooms. In four short days, they will part ways. Little do they suspect that what they find together in his den of desire will either destroy them or give their lives a new highway to follow. *** Project by @SallyMason1 and @LeighWStuart, with help from their friends. Readers are invited to suggest dialogue, plot twists, and even experimental positions to move this story along!


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Wild Ride...
by BindingTies