I am in Love with a...
By DawnStarling
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*Voted as Wattpadres MakeOver Top 12 books of 2016* *Voted as KatieDreams top 25 best Romance book of 2015* *Nominated as the 2016 Wattpad Fiction Award for Best Paranormal Book* Become breathless, gut-wrenched, and emotionally overwhelmed as you chest-clench through the heartache of what it means to be in love with an Invisible Man. Rank: #67 in Paranormal - September 9th, 2016 --- --- --- --- "I cried you made me cry" - @Evmorfia "This book is a masterpiece..." - @De_cold_flame "What a phenomenally awesome fantastically outstanding story this was!! This story touched my heart and deep into my soul!! I can't find words complimentary enough to tell you how much I enjoyed this story!!" - @HelenGraul "I don't know how you've done it, but this story is so tragic and heartbreaking yet heartwarming and beautiful." - @KaraMichelleBooks "...it doesn't have a typical and common plot. It's interesting and the way the characters think is surprising and dynamic. And I love how its flawed and each character is unique but yet connected in a way. Just everything about the book is simple but very complex." - @twinkle15star "I have been searching for a book with a complex yet unique story and I'm glad I found yours." - @redyrossyred "...Adore the plot, characters, and overall feel of the chapter (and novel). It almost made me cry :) The fact that you can bring a person to feel these emotions shows that you are an author that will continue with amazing success :)" - @KatyDreams "A unique love triangle between three engaging characters, in an intriguing and beautiful setting." - @goshengirl "...DawnStarling you've created a masterpiece seriously! I am addicted to this story!" - @HotEyed

Part I - Pitch

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I am in L...
by DawnStarling