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It's been just over a year since the end of the Giant War. Percy and Annabeth have completed high school and are preparing to move to New Rome to continue their lives. Jason and Piper are still going strong, even though Jason has been moving between the camps constantly. Frank and Hazel are still in the legion at Camp Jupiter, but Reyna is planning to give them permission to move into the mortal world to go to high school. Leo returned with Calypso just after the Giant War ended. They've been living at Camp the whole year. But the gods still have more twists and turns planned for the demigods. When the girls discover a major secret which could change the face of the demigod world, soon it's up to the Seven (and Calypso) to prepare for another great prophecy which will turn the tides of their lives. But can secrets stay secret? And how is the new prophecy tied to a problem the gods have been handling for hundreds of years? *This is more of a prequel story to Lies and Truth. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. OR If you get a few chapters in and don't like the idea, I recommend going to the sequels. The Fake series: I ~ Secrets [completed] II ~ Lies [completed] III ~ Truth [completed] IV ~ Fight [current]

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Secrets [...
by fanfics-and-stories