Our Total Submissio...
By ladydianna01
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*This is a spin off from Rescue Me.* Ahron and Ayden are Vampire twins. Just adorably little and cute. Their world is blown apart when their extremely protective parents are killed in a tragic accident. They are lost but not alone as they travel across the Atlantic Ocean from London, England from the only home they have ever known to the sunny shores of Miami, Florida. Even with the love and support from their Aunt Irina and Uncle Gustav, they still don't feel like they belong. Their only distraction was the blooming love affair of their Uncle Dimitri and his male mate, Caleb. They found this unconventional relationship interesting, but they were still feeling the loss of control from their deceased parents. It wasn't until they met Mr. Stavos, as he liked to be called by them for some reason. They both felt drawn to his Dominant aura, the safety, comfort and control they feel around him, and being twins, they shared every feeling. In a surprising turn events they find that Stavos is their mate. How is that possible? Will they be able to convince him that they want to willing submit to him in all things? ***Warning this is male and male encounter, extremely mature content, extreme language, graphic sexual encounters, just plain mature content. If. this is not your thing please do not read. This a stand alone story but you can get the background by reading Rescue Me.*****

Our Total Submission (Vampire, manxman)

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Our Total...
by ladydianna01