Middle X
By destinywaits4
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I removed the guitar from his lap and replace it with my body. His chest rises going into overdrive and I can almost hear the beat of his heart. His eyes close and I stroke my thumb over his bottom lip parting it. He takes a deep breath and I suck in his air, pressing my lips against his. His lips are wide yet soft. And all I could think of is those were the same lips that sang of so much heartbreak moments before.... Desi, a young girl trying to find herself, but can't seem to stay out of trouble in New York City. She leaves for a small town, that's not quite small as it seems. She meets two guys in this small town, one a bit mysterious, and the other with a tough exterior, and these two guys end up changing the course of her life forever. Romance with a twist! This book updates almost daily for those of you who hate slow updates ;-) Middle X. Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved. ****WARNING**** Strong language is used so enjoy at your own risk. ;-)

warning! author's note

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Middle X
by destinywaits4