Severus Snape &...
By VoilariaCarraway
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What if Trelawney made another prophecy? This time promising another child born from the one who defied He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named thrice, who will poses an extraordinary power the Dark Lord shall fear. Voldemort finds a way to forge the child as his own however, even after eighteen years she still shows no signs of being gifted in any way. Unless you count her innate ability to beguile Severus Snape, the man her father assigned to evaluate her magical abilities. Though Severus is not certain about the power the prophecy predicted, he is certainly aware of the effect she has on him. Severus Snape X OC - AU (Based on Characters and Universe created by J.K Rowling) "This writing is giving me shivers." -@BodyFluids "I'm freaking out right now, I just realized who her parents were and I was like... OH. MY GOD!!!" - @PheonixRosie "oooooooh im really liking it. you got really good dialouge and I love your skill and plot. keep at it girl, it's awesome." -@mikeymorphine92 "I love your Severus!!!" - @LadySchneefee "OOOhhh never saw that coming! Can't wait to see how it unfolds!" -@HogsMeegs "The moment when the reader is blushing even though it was just a kiss on the cheek" -@9RedstoneWarrior

Chapter I

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Severus S...
by VoilariaCarraway