Sing To Me (BoyXMan...
By calmspirit1221
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In moments calloused large hands gripped onto the hips of the boy. Encouraging him to move in a controlled rhythm. It was intense. He could see the foggy pleasure in the boys eyes now, lust swirling deeper within and consuming him. Julian was very sure that the same feelings were reflected in his own at this point. The tempo was starting to get sloppier now as the small angel demanded more friction. He was now bouncing in a quicker pace, trying desperately to achieve that orgasm that he was chasing. With a quick movement Julian had his small angel's cock in his own hand and he was moving in an alternate tempo. Causing an ear shattering moan to escape the singers whisper pink lips before he closed his eyes in rapture, cumming all over Julian's hand and stomach. The whole image caused Julian to cum himself, roaring in satisfaction as he released himself inside of his angel, his lover, his whole world. God how he wanted this boy. He wanted to marry him. He wanted to wake up to him every morning and he wanted to help him get his wings and fly with his beautiful voice. But Julian did not say any of this as the whole world calmed down around them. Back to reality now, Julian only took ahold of his lovers cheek and whispered "Yes I'll stay in bed with you Angel." Julian Osiris is one of the top music producers in the world, every person wants him, men, women. That is until Julian meets a young singer at a strip club one night. There's one thing that I forgot to mention. Julian is gay, and he wants the young singer. Badly, but what will happen if that one night that Julian gets, comes crashing down around him with two words. "I'm pregnant." PRIVATE CHAPTERS! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ THEM THEN YOU WILL NEED TO FOLLOW ME AS THEY ARE R RATED......

Chapter 1

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Sing To M...
by calmspirit1221