All In The Cards
By AllieMurlocks
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We all know that the Joker never actually loved Harley, and that he has been using her for years, even going so far as to marry her to keep her in her delusional state of mind. But what if the Joker DID love Harley? What would that relationship be like? How different would he act around - and about - her? ......................................... Harleen Frances Quinzel is an esteemed psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. At least, she used to be. But then, she met HIM. His name was Jack Napier, but to everyone else, he was the infamous Joker. With his sly comments and unmistakeable charm, he had the whole Hannibal Lector thing going on. It was utterly unprofessional, but she couldn't deny the fact that she had feelings for this complete and total psychopath. But maybe that was just her inner rebel... Whatever anyone wanted to call it, against everything she thought she had believed in, she helped Joker escape and had no choice but to join him. Adopting the persona of Harley Quinn, she became second-in-command to his virtual army of psychos and lunatics. And there was no denying that she loved every minute of the wild ride. Joker had always been incapable of love. Or so he had thought. And then he met HER. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met, and he couldn't help but flirt with her. He found he rather enjoyed the smart-mouth little chit. She was intelligent, beautiful, and downright ruthless. He also recognized how damaged she was, and fed on that, turning her to his will. Despite Joker's best efforts, he found himself falling in love with Harley. He treated her like a queen, spoiling her, never very far from her. But when Batman shows up, threatening Harley and everything she's become, Joker realizes exactly how far he'll go to protect his perfect, insane match. (WARNING: contains strong violence, foul language, blood, gore, nudity, strong sexual content and downright insanity. May be heavily disturbing to some readers. Discretion advised.)

Meeting The Joker

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All In Th...
by AllieMurlocks