Chronicles of Han S...
By chroniclesofhan
  • Paranormal
  • action-adventure
  • afterdeath
  • astralprojection
  • chronicles-of-han
  • healing
  • inter-stellar-travel
  • life-between-lives
  • metaphysical
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  • pastlife
  • romance
  • worm-holes


If you love The Matrix, Avatar, Dune, Stargate or LotR, these books are a must have! (Only available from author - ebooks in pdf, epub or kindle) Preserving Creata is Book 1 of the Creata adventures and consists of Part 1 to 7. Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy books enhanced with Metaphysical undertones, a dash of Romance and a sprinkle of Horror! "What happens when you are not allowed to die? What happens when you are sent back to live another physical life? What if this was not what YOU wanted? I think the best place to start with my history is where the change happened for me. Creata used to be my home planet. Having reached her limit of 9 billion people, our Planetary Government was looking for ways of sustaining such huge numbers of people. It was at this time that they became aware of me. They drew me into the fray and before I knew it, I became indispensable to their needs. A reluctant pioneer, they turned me into a tool to be used for their ultimate goal of leaving their planet. I am Han and these are my stories . . . " * * * The Chronicles of Han Storm, Creata Trilogy, begins innocent and naive, just like Han Storm, as he sets out on his journey of discovering and enhancing the metaphysical side of his being that is awakened by his career as a young Police Officer. Using and growing his talents to solve crimes at first, he later is made to realize that his planet is in serious trouble due to over-exploitation and he is the only one that can do something about it. Using his developing skills, he regains lost inter-stellar, worm-hole and Portal knowledge in order to assist the migration of his people to other planets.

Prepare to be captivated

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by chroniclesofhan