A City in the Air (...
By LyndseyLewellen
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Highest rank #1 Steampunk--- In a world ruled by inventors, where magic is outlawed, everyone expects the twin daughters of London's top-ranking innovator to follow in his magnificent footsteps. Except on act-first-think-later pilot Harlow Morgan's list of things to do, becoming her workaholic father ranks dead last. Sick of the constant comparisons to her genius sister, Harlow finds solace in flying airships in her academy, following her gut over her brain. Until one lie to save the Morgan family name lands her in worse trouble than sitting through one of Father's lectures. Forced to choose between the treasure hunting, Japanese transfer student, Takashi, and her father's reputation, Harlow slanders Takashi as a Magic, an outlawed sorcerer, getting him booted from school. Overwhelmed by guilt, she lashes out at her father's cuckoo clock that started the dreadful day. As it breaks into pieces, a connection between her father and Takashi's lost treasure bursts forth, burning strange light into her forearms. Now the real Magics want her dead. With her father gone on an extended business trip, Harlow's only chance at survival rests in getting Takashi reinstated. But to find the one man with power to do so in the flying city, they'll have to work together before the deadly Magics find them first. Best ranks: #1 Steampunk #5 Science Fiction ***Wattpad Featured Novel*** Copyright © by LyndseyLewellen. All rights reserved. Science Fiction best rank - #5!!!!!! (I can't thank my amazing readers enough. You make this whole writing business worth every minute!)

Chapter One

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A City in...
by LyndseyLewellen