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By catching_raindrops
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Five hundred years ago, an immortal witch fell in love with a temperamental hybrid. It was an unconditional love, one that was intended to last forever. But, Mikael, the Original Vampire and a skilled hunter, killed the witch in an attempt to provoke her lover. With this, the hunter took the one good thing the hybrid had ever had: someone who truly loved him. The death of his witch sparked the uncontrollable rage that had been hidden for years. Now, there was no one who could save the world from his terror, or so he thought... A decade after her death, the witch came back to life once more thanks to her immortal nature. It was a first of many deaths for her, as was finding that her hybrid and his family had moved on with their lives after her murder. Now, she had a choice: return to him and face whatever demons he had made in his path of grieving or stay hidden and create a new future for herself. It wasn't an easy decision. Until now, the witch has stayed clear of the hybrid and he has never learned about her resurrection. That is, until Damon Salvatore calls upon her to help save his brother from an unnamed vampire. Little did she know she'd come face to face with the man she had once called her true love. Only now she will learn the true nature of his ways and take on the task of curing a cold-blooded killer. -- Seasons 3/4 So proud and thankful for... #1 in "Witch" out of 1.2k+ works #1 in "Stefan" out of 75+ works #13 in "niklaus" out of 1k+ works #14 in "klausmikaelson" out of 1k+ works #17 in "VampireDiaries" out of 1.2k+ works #19 in "History" out of 1.2k+ works Also available in Spanish!

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by catching_raindrops