Between You and I [...
By Vanilla_waffer
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After two years abroad, you are finally returning home. When your father was offered a researching position abroad, you were distraught at the fact that you would have to leave your childhood home and your many friends behind. But now that you’re eighteen, your parents have allowed you to return for your senior year. And upon returning, you are delighted to find your friends are just as happy as you are to have you back- including your childhood crush, Len Kagamine. And you are looking forward to an exciting final year. However, people change and much time has passed since you left. You, certainly, are very different from when you left two years ago, as you are beginning to develop feelings for the school’s idol, Kaito. As the school year continues, perhaps you will find that even the people closest to you are not who you once imagined them to be… ****Hello curious readers and fellow Yandere fans! This is my first world on this sight, and I would really appreciate feedback! It’s going to be a bit slow going ( I plan on it being multiple chapters) as I really want to delve into Len’s downward Spiral into obsession. Hopefully that gives you the incentive to stay with me until the climax! Thanks for reading, and Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Distant but Never Forgotten

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Between Y...
by Vanilla_waffer