Alpha's Human Mate
By Ilovejack1
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Maxine Hayes decides to move back with her dad at the end of summer instead of living with her aunt. Her mom left her when she was ten and she doesn't have a relationship because she's afraid that they'll leave her like her mom did. So she protects herself. What happens when she meets Braxton and immediately feels something for guy that she just met? Braxton Callaghan is the Alpha of the Blood Moon which is the largest and most feared pack on the continent. He is 24 and still hasn't found his mate so he is grumpy, mean and too serious all the time. He lost hope in ever finding her three years ago. His pack doesn't even recognize him anymore especially his parents and sister. What happens when he runs into Maxine, literally? Will Maxine trust him? Will she accept him for what he is? And will she be able to bring the old him back?

Blue Ridge, Georgia

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Alpha's H...
by Ilovejack1