The Fighter
By rockylax
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"Eli! Seriously this is ridiculous let me down!" I yell as I pound furiously on his back. "Not a chance. And don't ever wear something like that to a fight again." "It's just a tank top calm down. Can you please let me down? Your butt is in my face." "All the better for the view. Every pig in there was undressing you with their eyes." "Oh why do you even care?" Suddenly my upside down world got flipped and pinned between the wall and his body. "Because I'm the only one that should get to think of you like that." His piercing grey eyes were on fire as he held his face just above mine. "Did you drink before your fight? Because there is no way you mean what you just implied. " His tongue flickered across his lips as he smirked. "For once in your life stop fighting and just enjoy this." "Enjoy wha-" His lips crashed onto mine. Hungry, alive, full of passion I had only seen him use in the ring. I didn't want to fight him, fight this, fight his kiss. And he was right, for once in my life, I didn't. **** A Fighter is not born. A fighter is not raised. A fighter is made; only if the fight choses you, and you survive. Dakota Matthias has earned the right to be called a fighter. Her greatest opponent is perhaps the only man in her corner. But fighters are always competitive with each other, on every level. And Eli may just be the fire she needs to win her biggest fight, and give into his. Fight for your Family. Fight for Love. Fight for Yourself. TOP RANKINGS #1 Boxing #3 Fightforsurvival #5 MMA #10 College #15 Boxer #18 Strength

1. Street Fighter

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The Fight...
by rockylax