Catch Me If You Can...
By marvelobsessed
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Luciana Duvall and her mother were on the verge of a life of poverty that was filled with abuse, crime, and illegal substances. At 14, Luciana gets ahold of a drug that could potentially kill her but rather than death, she springs back to health and with a new ability: superspeed. For the next few years, Luciana uses her powers to help her and her mother but it doesn't go unnoticed by Shield. Nick Fury comes to recruit the future Avenger by giving her a choice: Luciana can either go to jail or register into Shield. Luciana has no choice but to step into a life more dangerous than she was already living but at the same time, her life changes for the better. Joining the Avengers wasn't as dangerous as it got though. Meeting Pietro Maximoff was and their story may not exactly be apart of the chapter of Luciana's life where things changed for the better. || Goes along Avengers: Age of Ultron plot ||


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Catch Me...
by marvelobsessed