One Piece x Reader...
By Queen_of_the_Pirates
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(Y/n) was just a regular girl in a kinda normal emotionally abusive family. (Y/n) would sometimes break down and cry silently in her room for hours, the only thing that saved her from doing this everyday was One Piece. She always watched in awe as Monkey D. Luffy saved his friends and nakama then beat up the villain. Of course she had other favorite characters that she fell in love with like Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid. One day after a couple hours of crying, she starts watching the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, the scene where Luffy, Law, & Kid have started fighting the marines outside the Human Shop. Suddenly her computer starts glitching and a couple minutes later some certain someone's are suddenly in her room. Will she be able to hide them? Will she be able to get them home? If she does, will she go home with them?

The three Captains

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One Piece...
by Queen_of_the_Pirates