AMBER | Daryl Dixon
By Little_Dixon_Cx
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(Sequel to HOME) Amber Dixon, a 12 year old badass, surviving 3 years of the zombie apocalypse by jumping from group to group after the one who looked after her disappeared. Just after being brought into a small town, bad things followed. The seemingly calm and sweet town was not what the people say it is. But what happens after was not something she expected either. A new life she never thought she would have, blossomed. A new life with the companion she once lost, and a new forever family. But, what would happen if her past caught back up to her? Would she be able to run, or will death welcome her and her family with open arms? ◇ Previous titled "Unbreakable" H.R #1 (#twdfamily) 01/13/2019 H.R #1 (#endoftheworld) 8/11/2018 H.R #3 (#carlgrimes) 04/03/2019 H.R #6 (#zombieapocalypse) 01/27/2020 H.R #17 (#daryldixon) 01/27/2020

Where Had The Years Gone

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AMBER | D...
by Little_Dixon_Cx