The vampire prince
By AlannaList291
  • Vampire
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  • hate
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I woke up in someone's bedroom and my head was pounding like crazy, I tried to get up but my feet were chained to the bed and I was in lingerie. I started to scream and that's when the prince came running in " What's wrong love" he said walking to me " What's wrong is that you kidnapped me and chained me to this bed" I said in complete anger. This has to be a dream or some nightmare because I've been kidnapped by the vampire Prince. Marlee Daniel's biggest mistake was stepping foot in that ballroom. Because the prince wants what he can't have. Under Editing I DIDN'T THINK THE BOOK WOULD BE GET THIS MUCH VIEW SO I DIDN'T EDIT It. BUT IM WORKING ON GOING BACK TO FIX IT. BOOK TWO IS OUT ITS CALLED : Rosalie

Chapter 1

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The vampi...
by AlannaList291