Just Stay.
By just-a-future-author
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Emma has a lot to deal with. Between trying to find The Dark One, and dealing with angry citizens, she barley has time to address some of her personal issues. Hook almost died last week, and the memory keeps coming back, haunting her. When Hook is taken by a kidnapping meant for her, she does everything in her power to get him back before it is too late. Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon a Time, or anything having to do with that amazing show. Only the direct plot of this fan-fiction is mine. This is my fan-fiction for the #justwriteit June challenge. It came a bit later than expected I know, but I am a professional procrastinator. WILL BE MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR ALL SEASONS OF ONCE UPON A TIME. Takes place after the mid-season finale, but with some changes.

The Calm before the Storm

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Just Stay.
by just-a-future-author