My Sexy Alien Boyfr...
By madamtwerksalot
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Fifty years ago aliens made themselves known to us. We called them Falcons. They had beautiful golden skin and promising smiles. A treaty was made with an agreement that both species would learn and observe one another. And now we have been living peacefully with them for fifty years, the aliens in the sky, forbidden to ever come down on earth but always watching. And us, always looking up, wondering. Until the Falcon Alien Prince is forced to come down to find a mate and finds someone he didn't know he was looking for. **** "Yes, this is what you get!" I barked throwing my hands in the air. "What did you expect? You're constantly playing with my emotions and messing with my mind!" I yell no longer caring about the volume of my voice. I no longer cared that he was the Prince for all I cared he could shove his crown where the sun doesn't shine. Cario exploded throwing his hands up, "Fuck Eliza! You know what you deserve it. You fucking deserve it! You don't get to just invade my thoughts every damn day and walk down the halls without a care in the world, completely and utterly oblivious!" he shouted. His breathing was now ragged. And it seems like his anger betrayed him again, because by the look on his face he was not supposed to say that. To be honest he looked so beautiful right now with his black curls all over the place. And the sun streaming through the stairway window was illuminating his golden skin. "Oblivious? Oblivious to what?" I ask. He looked conflicted and frustrated for a moment. But then his bright green eyes narrowed. "Oblivious to this," he said. In two long strides he was in front of me and crushing his mouth to mine.


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My Sexy A...
by madamtwerksalot