Fight for You (2015...
By ladydianna01
  • Short Story
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Kevin's whole outlook on life changed the day Dillon Anderson walked into his seventh grade homeroom class. That was also the day that Kevin Taylor knew for sure that he was gay to the core of his soul. Sweet little Dillon captivated his heart and his mind, and over time he become Dillon's best friend, his bodyguard and protector from bullies, and the love of the gentle young man's life. Kevin Miller was Dillon's entire world and has been since they met in middle school. They have become inseparable, two halves that made up the whole, and now they've just aced their final exams and they were all set to graduate college the following week. Kevin with his Master's in Business Administration and Dillon with his Master's of Science in Nursing. They were happily moving on to the next phase of their lives together. Kevin was going to rule the business world and Dillon was going to heal the sick. Everything was right on track, but their dreams came crashing down after a night out celebrating with friends. Kevin saved the love of his life from being assaulted and his actions sent him to prison leaving Dillon alone to fend for himself. It was now Dillon's turn to fight for Kevin. Read to see how these two soul mates fought for their right to love each other.


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Fight for...
by ladydianna01