Chasing Stars - A M...
By ObsceneIrrationality
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Completed Book two of the Midnight Mafia Trilogy Katherine Santoro has done the unthinkable. She's fallen in love with the leader of one of the five largest mafia's in the country. Even worse? He loves her too. But when push comes to shove and Alessio's lifestyle becomes a danger to what little family she has left she finds herself mauling over one of the biggest decisions she's ever faced. Stay with Alessio and learn how to love one another or sell him out to the police for the greater good. You've read the story of how they met, the story of how they've fallen in love, now read the story to see how they learn to be together or if they lose it all. ~~Praise for Chasing Stars~~~ Violet-Rain: "This story is a rarity in that the writhing is breathtaking and the only thing better than the writing is the actual story and plot themselves which literally blow my mind away." TheLone1yWriter: "You play my heart like a puppet on strings with your words" Jackyherr06: "Reading this feels like falling in love again and again, with a twist." Luna_loves_you_4ever: "Very well written, great plots and amazing characters it's almost as if you've taken it from real life events. I've never seen a pov of the opposite sex written so well written." Simplysopha: "The interactions between the characters was a scene of raw emotions that left lingering effects." Candi2302: "We love being tortured with emotions! That's how great our writing is...not many authors can say that." __lala_: "I love the fact that I can hate a character and love then at the same time!"

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Chasing S...
by ObsceneIrrationality