The Crazy Girl
By spearr_
  • Teen Fiction
  • anxiety
  • family
  • friendship
  • music
  • ocd


Sarah's your average girl, or that's what people think when they see her. She's always been kind of an outcast - always been different. So when she starts showing symptoms of of Anxiety, she isn't surprised to find out she has OCD. At least she has a label for it, right? Luckily she had her friends, the family with no judgment inside. But what's gonna happen now that she's getting ready to start High School, and she won't have her friends there at school with her. The panic attacks just keep coming and the compulsions only get worse throughout the Summer. Sarah starts to wonder if she could ever find happiness again. With music being the only thing reminding her how to smile, she comes up with an idea to bring her family together again. Start a band. See the story of a crazy girl named Sarah, and follow her through her journey of change, and overcoming it. This is the story of a girl with OCD, and her extreme love for music.

"Crying Is Okay Here"

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The Crazy...
by spearr_