Break Me, Mate [Ext...
By _laciela
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Alpha Cross of the Macabre Pack was a ruthless killer. He was known for leaving pack after pack in a bloodbath with not a single survivor in sight. A cold blooded killer with no feelings of remorse, pity, or grief whatsoever, Alpha Cross is someone no woman could ever hope to love... But of course, like all werewolves, he was destined to have a mate. Elair Richelieu, daughter of the beloved Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack is a fierce woman. Shrouded in mystery, Elair has survived the worst of the worst, most of which she cannot remember. Convinced by her duties Elair lived as a leader to her pack and her squadron, a mysterious group in which she grew up. But Fate had other plans... They were each others' mates. But there was one little issue... Elair can't feel their bond. Together, the two struggle in a relationship in which dominance is a power struggle. ****** The Alpha walks towards me and I raise an eyebrow. When he gets to point where our distance reduced to about half a meter in front of me I drop from the desk and stand up. "Whoa, there cowboy." I say as I hold my hands up. My jaw drops when I realize what he's actually trying to say. "Hold up. Are you saying I'm your mate? Because, well, I don't... uh... How do I put this simply... I don't feel you... Bro." I say as I dodge him and his disgusting stalker-ish approach of walking towards me. "You seem to think that you have a choice." The Alpha says to me with a smirk and I roll my eyes. "And you seem to think I give a shït." ------ Highest Ranking: #1 Werewolf Warning: This is INCOMPLETE. After its publication in 2016 the last ELEVEN chapters were taken down due to copyright. So if you wanna read up to 24, go for it. Get it on Amazon here:


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Break Me...
by _laciela