Typical Teenager
By vouny1
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~Melissa Harrington is an ordinary girl, so they think. She comes across as a shy mainstream sort of girl, what they don't expect is for her to have an attitude, she also has an opinion and although her lack of fashion indicates that she's a 'tomboy.' She isn't even that. She's a mystery, one that many people can't be bothered to figure out; except when the the leading bad boy, 'River' notices her. Will her hidden talents stay hidden for much longer and can she continue to stay in the shadows for her last year or will she be pushed out into the spotlight? River Walters the 'bad boy' has a reputation for being notorious, but what if he's more than that and who will ever give him the time of day to see that?~

Untitled Part 1

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Typical T...
by vouny1