Flour Boy (boyxboy)
By lilvampirequeen00
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"But you fall for men?" He said and I saw the evil gleam in his eyes. Oh, he was so evil. "No. I don't fall for anyone. Love is for idiots and necrophiliacs." I pushed away from him and walked away this time successfully. "Necrophiliacs!?" He shouted after me. I smiled over my shoulder. "Haven't you heard!? Love is dead!" * * * Andrew is a gay boy in a small town who owned a little bakery called 'Rainbow Sprinkles'. Everything's perfect even if his mom wont acknowledge he's gay and people mistake him for Cake Boss. One problem is; Andrew doesn't believe in love. Romance is dead and people trying to revive it are idiots. He doesnt think there will ever be a happy ending until the day Landon Octavous walks into his bakery- a artist, sexy, and british. The perfect man. Until he ask him for a wedding cake. With his rules in mind he keeps it pure business but if the client hits on him first, he cant help it....right?


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Flour Boy...
by lilvampirequeen00