Just Another First...
By slw8911
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There's always that excitement for when you go on a "first date." The trying to look absolutely stunning or devastatingly handsome. The butterflies in the stomach of hoping that it will go well and you don't sound like a complete idiot or asshole. But how is going on a first date suppose to feel when you're still picking up the pieces of your heart? Hopefully dread is not the first word that comes to mind, but for Charlotte and Justin, it is. Still reeling after their break-ups, they're still trying to put their hearts and lives back together and going on a blind date set up by their friends was definitely not on their top priority list. But just maybe this might be something they both need to feel that spark again and realize that there is a second chance for love.

You Will Go! (You Have Nothing Better To Do Anyways)

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Just Anot...
by slw8911