Memories // Nick Ro...
By layan1B
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She wakes up, and she has no idea who she is. She's lost everything, she's lost herself. Except for one person. Only one person who can help her. So he sneaks away to see her every night, and together, they find themselves piece by piece. They gain back their memories, and create new ones. Because Nick and Olivia are unbreakable. Always have been, always will be. // // And I remember so clearly how we smiled at each other so lovingly, adoring each second of this, each second spent with each other. We’re unbreakable, months and months of us during the past year playing in my head like a slideshow. With every moment, I fall more in love with her, if possible. And I know the feeling goes both ways. The next hour or two were restless. We left the scent of avid vigor, emotion, spirit, heat, whatever you want to call it. We left love. We were love, she and I. Olivia and I. - All of this was gone to her now. Nonexistent. \\ \\ ((Note: You do not need to be a Nick Robinson Fan to read this. Anyone can read this and understand it just as well. I am just using him as one of two main characters because well, he's perfect for this whole thing, and because I just absolutely fucking adore and love him.)) ((Also, second note: I know that Wattled doesn't give the PG,PG13, etc. ratings option anymore, but just in case you are curious, it is PG13. There are no intimate sex scenes or any violence at all, but there is a little swearing now and then.))

Chapter 1: Freefall

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by layan1B