*Haitus*The broken...
By Moondust1692
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Abused Bullied Starved Depressed Suicidal Misserable This was what his life was like after HE came into his life. He wasn't really happy anymore, because there was nothing to be happy about. Ever since his mum married this man, his life has literally been a living hell. He just wants to get away from it all. Percy was 4 when this man came into his life and everything took a turn for the worse. He is now 18, and is still struggling. Can Percy Jackson find a spark of hope in the gloom? Or will he plunge deeper into it until there was no hope left for him? Disclaimer. I own nothing except for the plot. All rights go to Rick Riorden. Weekly updates. Maybe a few daily updates here and there.

Prologue: before the madness

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by Moondust1692