The Life of a Colle...
By VanieeMadera
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A somewhat normal college student decides to stay in a house with six other students: Leon the dramatic pretty boy. Minnie the extreme couponing Philosophy major. Kayla the fashion diva who drinks way too much Starbucks. Ricardo the mature Psychology major. JC the dancing maniac with too cute dimples. Then finally Chance the paranoid and quiet Geology nerd with a heavily medicated turtle that is the devil reincarnated named Larry. And throw in a couple of crazy cousins, an ex who wants revenge, a protective older brother, a couple of killers, and you got yourself a craaaazy first year of College! Warning! This story contains a ton of colorful/naughty words, heated content, a crazy ass turtle, annnd a whole lot of random shit related to fandoms! Oh, and this isn't editted! You've been warned :D Going to be re-written in late 2017/2018.

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The Life...
by VanieeMadera