Outlander: The Stan...
By martykate1
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Irina is an American archaeologist on vacation in Scotland. She discovers there is a ring of stones (called a menhir, if you care to learn about such things) outside of town, so she decides to go and explore. What she finds delights her, not only a henge (a stone ring) but remains of tomb mounds and she spends a happy afternoon exploring it. Just before she decides to head back to town, she lays down, unwittingly, in the shadow of a tall stone. She wakes, realizing not only had she fallen asleep, but now she discovers that something is amiss--she may not even be in her own time. Even worse, she can hear the sound of men and horses...and realizes she is trapped and has nowhere to run. Fortunately, she stumbles across a young Highlander named Jamie Fraser who helps her hide. Together they spend the night in a tomb, but when she finds out that Jamie is on the run, she insists that he leave, and she will act as bait to enable him to make his getaway. This is not your usual "Outlander" story. A good portion is OC orientated, with Jamie making appearances and then vanishing from the story until he re-appears. When my OC finally gets to Castle Leoch, Gabaldon's characters make their appearances. I had fun writing this, it was the story I wanted to write, and it's Outlander themed. So far, people seem to like it so maybe I did something right! Thank you for all of those continuing to read this story and liking it!! I appreciate your votes and your comments and appreciate that you've helped make this story one of the most popular in the "Outlander" category!!! When I posted this on FanFiction.net, I'd pretty much given up hope due to the lack of response. If you are enjoying this story, please vote for it. Also, I would love comments as I'd like to hear what you think!!!! Outlander: The Standing Stones is finished at last!! Hope the ending meets your approval!


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