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Amber Clark. A 9 year old girl who had her childhood taken away way too soon. With an abusive step father and a mother who was never around to care and chose to turn a blind eye, she looked out for herself. One day, she suddenly woke up at a strange place, an orphanage, the last one in operation. She thought that this may be a good chance to start over, to escape her nightmare of a life, but boy was she wrong. After 6 months of living nightmare continued, until he comes and takes her out of harms way, not knowing something bad is to follow and that his new found purpose and love, will soon disappear from his life. â—‡Previously titled "Unpredictable" H.R. #2 Ranking (#twdfamily) 04/17/2019 H.R. #3 Ranking (#loneliness) 04/17/2019 H.R #59 Ranking (#change) 11/21/2018

The Beginning

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