The Nerd and the Kn...
By one-lucky-rabbit
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Everything was right with the world, you graduated at twelve years old, you were accepted into San Fransokyo's Institute of Technology, you even met the very awkward yet adorable Hiro Hamada after he broke your first robot. But if there's one thing you've learned, it's that tables turn and bad things happen. It's a little hard to be an average teen when you're best friends are super geniuses. Nerds thrive for knowledge. Know it alls thrive to be right. I'm assuming you've read these before, but just in case. :) (Y/N)- Your name (L/N)- Last Name (M/N)- Middle name. (Y/M/N)- Your mother's name (Y/F/N)- Your Father's Name (F/B)- Favorite book (F/C)- favorite color (F/P)- favorite Pastry (F/D)- Favorite Drink This was my first x reader. I hope you enjoy. I don't own these lovely characters, including yourself. The rights go to Disney and your parents and their parents etc. :)

Chapter 1- Begin Again

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The Nerd...
by one-lucky-rabbit