World of Souls
By komalesh
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I have been reading a lot of Xianxia lately. Coiling Dragon, Stellar Transformations, Desolate Era, Martial God Asura, etc etc. So it would come as no surprise that I got an idea of my own xianxia novel. I would like it to be original though I must warn you it could end up as just a mix of all the xianxia I have read. Just so you know, so judge accordingly. Synopsis: Turmoil is ever present in the world. Strong hunt the weak and the weak try to become strong. In such a world, the body has less importance than the soul. For a desire which transcends life itself, powerful magical beast spirits grant their immense powers to humans. This is a world where souls do battle and immortals rule. Where spirits abound and death is just another opportunity. Where there is good and evil with power to destroy the world. Where a lucky encounter can change a destiny. In such a world, Sa Muni was born. A simple farmer’s son, who unexpectedly had a bit of talent to cultivate the soul and become a spirit warrior, capable of making a contract with the beast spirit and using it’s powers. But being a mere farmer’s son, his destiny was to become fodder for more powerful forces. Those who take what they want, even your soul. But a lucky encounter would give him the chance to change his own destiny. Will he succeed or will he fail? Will he choose the side of good or turn to evil? Authors Note: I am not Chinese so the names would probably not be Chinese. I will still follow the convention of writing surnames first, like the Chinese names.

Chapter 1: Sa Muni

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World of...
by komalesh