The Mafia Wife
By Your_amazyn
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"You don't fear the monsters under the bed. You fear the one hiding under one's flesh my dearest wife". A dark voice spoke, making me tense. A cold shiver rustled down my spine; causing my stomach roll. My insides twisting and turning in nervouseness. I could feel my body shaking in fear seeing him lean in, his face inches away from mine. " Are you scared of me Naina?" He murmured, his warm breath fanning on my face making me tense. Not having the strength I shook my head seeing him smirk whispering, " You're too naive my little wife. You should be scared" ••• Naina Khan. The youngest child in the Khan's Household had the happiness of the world, in the palm of her hands. At the delicate age of Nineteen, Naina aspired to become a teacher. Hoping one day, her name would too come down in history. Raised in a household of all men. She was cherished and loved by all, for even the stars smiled down on her. Everything was perfect in her life, yet even the happiest of days face the darkest of storms; when an unlikely marriage proposal comes for her. Like many girls, Naina wished to marry out of love; yet even she knew that was blasphemous considering how overprotective her brothers were. Hesitant, she agrees to marry the notorious and a total heartthrob Saif Khan, the son of a close family friend. Swallowing down her pride. She agrees to the ordeal however; it seemed, as though the wheels of fate had more instore for her; when her finace Saif runs away on their wedding day. Leaving her, with over five hundred guests awaiting for the new couple. Determined to protect the Families honour. Naina is asked to marry a man she hadn't ever fathomed, a man that scared the living daylights out of her. A man with the darkest of brown eyes and an intimidating aura. The ever so mysterious and notorious business man. The older brother of her Finace. Omar Khan. ••• Your_amazyn. The Mafia Wife. © 2015. Cover by : @Zammurad #4 Romance

The Mafia Wife

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The Mafia...
by Your_amazyn