Book Two: Live the...
By irwinxx5sos
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As Ashton and Chloe move further on in their relationship, Chloe knows she's going to have to tell him about Kaely and her situation with her parents. She feels that she can't. She doesn't want Ashton hating her. She thinks he will break up with her because of her child. After Chloe realizes Ashton will love her no matter what, she is ecstatic. She learns that you need to forget about the past, just to live the present. Their relationship moves further on, adding some fights with Ashton's mum. Chloe learns something that she never thought would happen with her parents. Some visits from Jacob spice Ashton and Chloe's relationship up, testing Ashton in his love for Chloe. A huge fight splits them up, leaving Chloe mad and Ashton miserable. Anything can happen. Anything is possible. They have to choose the right paths in their relationship. One wrong step can lead to something unwanted by the both of them. Will they choose to live the present? Or hold onto their pasts?

Book Two: Live the Present

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Book Two:...
by irwinxx5sos