Demon In High school
By ZaraKhan850
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Highest rank # 16 in fantasy "This place is a shit hole" kicked out of hell as a punishment Tashn Darkmyr has ended up in the mortal world. stripped off his powers and forced to live like a normal mortal,Tashn finds it incredibly annoying when he can 't set fire to the stupid people around him in classes cafeteria,hallways,basically every one in high school just when he starts thinking he has had his share of troubles a girl with the most beautiful,big brown eyes enters his life and his world goes crazier than ever before.... Or could she be the best thing that has ever happened to him??? crazy fights. unexpected feelings. unpredictable situations. and whirlwind of emotions. Living like a mortal has never been his thing.....

Chapter 1

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Demon In...
by ZaraKhan850