My Breakfast Club ~...
By BloodyAppleQueen
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Chloe had just received detention, for reasons that will not be explained right now. But she goes to school in Shermer High school. The day is March 24th, 1984, She meets five people in detention, the people who she thought would never be caught dead with. A brain, a criminal, a basket case, a princess, an athlete, and herself know as the Singer (Sometimes known as the bully). Will she make it through detention or will she lose her mind? •°•°•°•°• Chloe and Benders Story continues! With School coming to a close soon and Bender wanting to move forward with Chloe further, Things tend to get out of hand when his father starts showing up in the picture more. Prom, Friends, Family and a little Drama with Flashbacks of the past. Can Bender and Chloe make it, or will they break it? °°° I do NOT own any of the breakfast club movie characters just Chloe and her mother. So enjoy! #1 in #Breakfastclub !!!! #10 in #JohnBender

Chapter 0.

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My Breakf...
by BloodyAppleQueen