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"And what will you sacrifice to get home?" Straightening up, and determination filling her soul, she replied, "Anything." --- Kai and Azalia are two lost siblings trying to get back home. As children of Chaos, they are hunted by their uncle Erebus who makes it his mission to bring peace to earth. As they search for a way back home, the palace of Chaos, they meet along the way Dane, a head strong and hot headed young boy who's as mysterious as he is knowledgeable about the world of Greek gods, monsters and spirits. They must go to see the person who locked the palace gates of Chaos, Ryker, their stepfather. Join Kai and Azalia in part one of Immortals as you see a family of Greek gods trying to get along with each other, as well as trying to stay alive to claim the throne of Chaos before the power hungry gods of Olympus can. --- A book you may enjoy reading if you are a fan of Percy Jackson or any other Greek myth related books. This is not a fanfiction Or if you want a story that goes into the struggles of being a hero and the decent of a hero to anti-hero and possibly villain.

One: Azalia

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