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By the-Duowriters
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Leah Black has always been different. Not only because she is too stubborn for her own good, but also since she is the only one, to her knowledge, with a white fur. Getting bullied because of that, she starts believing that she actually is a disgrace for the Werewolf world. So when Leah's parents start missing, she and her older sister Maya have to move to the pack of their uncle, which Leah doesn't really mind since she will have a new start there. Once the siblings arrive at their uncle's land, things only seems to be getting worse. Alpha Caleb, the most feared man of all times, and his Warriors attack the Trip Pack, killing the males and kidnapping all women they have laid eyes on. Also Leah is taken with them, only to find out that the cause of her missing parents is her mate. Only, there is one big problem with rejecting Alpha Caleb: Leah is the only one who can solve the mistake the Moon Goddess made when she paired Caleb and his former mate up by giving him a chance. *** ****** ****** ****** *** Alpha Caleb takes a step forward, and grabs me without giving me a chance to step away. He lets his hands rest on my hips, and the warm tingles were going straight through the fabric of my clothes -I didn't even feel like I was wearing any. He bends over, and places a kiss on my neck. Slowly he moves his lips, leaving a trail of soft kisses behind on my neck, working towards my ear. The higher he got, the more trouble I had breathing normally. A burning feeling of desire flows through my body, and my Wolf was concluding that there were too many clothes seperating the two of us. "Let me make something clear to you, for once and for all. You're mine, and you'll always be mine. You will learn to love me, and satisfy me. You will be my own little Luna." -- English version of You're Mine | Nederlands ©the-Duowriters // ©LerissaB Translated by: @ElusiveShadow Cover made by: @RachelS8766 (@GuildOfGraphics)

Chapter 1.1

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You're Mi...
by the-Duowriters